Imaglee for polyglots

Thank you for attending the workshop "7 games you can play in your new language from day 1".

By the end of the month I plan to publish here additional material covered during our workshop.

Background reading:

  • General introduction to Imaglee cards for (English) language teachers 

Petr Hedbávný: “Imaglee Fantastic Cards - Your joker with numbers in pictures (IATEFL Slovenia Magazine, Winter issue 2020, no. 78, pp. 18-20)

  • How numbers in pictures help in language learning: 9 simple ways to use Imaglee cards to learn languages ​​through play from level A1 to C2

a machine-translation (google) of the guest post published at the site, a project by the Czech polyglot Lucie Gramelová

  • Activities for (false) beginners with IMAGLEE cards; presentation by Petr Hedbávný at the annual conference of the Association of Teachers of English of the Czech Republic (Prague, March 2023)